Welcome to Mosaic Wealth Consulting

At Mosaic Wealth Consulting, we have been providing financial services to our community for more than four decades. We help bring clarity to your understanding of the financial world through our financial planning process. We work to prepare you for important decisions that can help grow, preserve, protect and transfer the assets you have worked a lifetime to accumulate.

Most importantly, there is a culture of independence here. One that is focused on the individual. We understand that you and your financial needs are unique. In addition to the most comprehensive financial planning services available, we provide objective, independent assessments and offer advice that is appropriate for you.

At Mosaic Wealth Consulting, we employ a fully integrated financial planning framework that provides a holistic view of your financial condition and financial planning issues. This approach leads to decisions that are tailored for your financial situation — your estate, investments, retirement and business, if applicable — is analyzed and evaluated. We then develop an objective, comprehensive financial plan specifically tailored to help towards meeting your financial needs and requirements.

About Us

At Mosaic Wealth Consulting, we have been providing financial services to our community for more than two decades.

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What We Do

Retirement planning involves identifying your wants and needs, developing a plan towards achieving them, acting on your plan, and continually reviewing and revising your plan, as you approach retirement.

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Wealth Management

Our wealth management services are designed to address your unique financial needs. In addition to our comprehensive financial planning process, we offer a broadly diversified portfolio of quality investment and insurance products to help assure you that every aspect of your wealth picture is understood and considered as part of your overall financial plan.

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Financial Planning Process

We rely on a disciplined three-step process. In step 1, we conduct a holistic review of your current estate, investment and business owner situation (if applicable) and analyze the components of your finances.

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