Business Owner Succession Planning

Leaving your business to your family should not be left to chance.

At Mosaic, we have worked with clients from every conceivable type of independently owned, family-owned and family-controlled business. We have seen poor succession planning damage not only businesses, but precious family relationships.


Over the years, we have come to believe that there are three steps to successful business succession planning:

  • Select and adequately develop the next generation of management, regardless of whether you plan to sell or keep the business in the family
  • Decide when and how to transfer your business
  • Minimize the impact of taxes so that your family, company and employees are not at risk

If you plan to pass the business to your heirs, it is critical that you have a plan for paying estate costs, providing income for your spouse and family, and equalizing distribution to your children. Our business succession specialists can review any buy-sell agreement already in place, check for any inequities between families or help you consider maintaining control of the business while building in ownership flexibility.

Issues such as selling your business, establishing fair market value, finding a buyer and considering how to appropriately invest the proceeds are also important parts of any business ownership plan.


The Menu of Solutions™ that will be covered as part of your plan may include:

  • Tax efficient transfer of your business
  • Spousal and family support
  • Equalization among heirs
  • Early inheritance
  • Guardianship
  • Wealth management
  • Executive benefits